GMC:   4035763


1981-88: St. Peter's School, Bournemouth.
1988-93: United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospitals.


1993: MBBS
1995: Primary FRCS
1997: FRCS(England)
2003: FRCS(Trauma and Orthopaedics) 
2005: CCST


Aug 1993 - Feb1994: HOUSE OFFICER in GENERAL MEDICINE Royal Naval Hospital Haslar, Hampshire
Feb1994 - Aug1994: HOUSE OFFICER in GENERAL SURGERY Queen Alexandra's Hospitals, Portsmouth.

Feb 1995 - Aug 1995: SHO in ACCIDENT and EMERGENCY University Hospital Lewisham, London
Aug 1995 - Feb 1996: SHO in ORTHOPAEDICS and TRAUMA University Hospital Lewisham, London.Year 3 SHO post.     
Feb 1996 - Aug 1996 SHO in SURGICAL ONCOLOGY
Royal Marsden Hospital, London
Professorial surgical unit post including musculoskeletal tumour management.   
Aug 1996 - Feb 1997: SHO in GENERAL SURGERY Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London Professorial surgical unit post

Aug 1997 - Feb 1998: SENIOR SHO in ORTHOPAEDICS and TRAUMA, Mayday University Hospital, Surrey. On middle-grade on-call rota 
Feb 1998 - Aug 1998 SHO in PLASTIC SURGERY, University Hospital Birmingham. Experience in microsurgery, flap reconstruction, burns and hand trauma.
Aug 1998 - Feb 1999 SHO in PLASTIC SURGERY
St George’s Hospital, London.


Wessex Trauma and Orthopaedic Rotation: August 1999 - July 2005

Sep 1999-Sep 2000: DORSET COUNTY HOSPITAL, Dorchester. 
Mr I. Barlow: Lower limb arthroplasty. Soft tissue reconstruction knee. Arthroscopy 
Mr N. Fernandez: Shoulder arthroplasty and arthroscopy Lower limb arthroplasty

Sept 2000- Sept 2001: ROYAL HAMPSHIRE COUNTY HOSPITAL Winchester.
(August 1999-Sep 1999) 
Mr J. Fowler: Adult Spine
Mr H. Fox: Soft tissue reconstruction knee. Arthroscopy. Lower limb arthroplasty

Sep 2001-Sep 2002 QUEEN ALEXANDRA’S HOSPITAL, Portsmouth. 
Mr R. Richards: Mr M. Grover: Mr H. Clarke:
Paediatric Orthopaedics
Primary and revision lower limb arthroplasty 
Primary and revision lower limb arthroplasty

Poole Hospital: Mr R. Hartley: Mr M. Goodwin: 
Six months Trauma Upper limb
Revision Hip 
Bournemouth Hospital: Six months Elective
Mr R. Hartley: Shoulder: general, arthroplasty and arthroscopy Mr J. Southgate: Hand and elbow surgery

Mr N. Boeree: Spinal surgery: adult and paediatric

Mr B.J. Freeman
Mr M.P. Grevitt Mr S.H. Mehdian Mr J.K. Webb Spinal fellowship.

Apr 2005- May 2005:
Mr D. C. Chapple: Spinal surgery


May 2005 - December 2015
ROYAL BERKSHIRE HOSPITAL, Reading Orthopaedic Consultant –Spinal Surgery

SOUTHAMPTON UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, Southampton Honorary Consultant Spinal Surgeon

December 2015-present: 
THE LONDON CLINIC Full time private practice.
CIRCLE HOSPITAL READING Full time private practice.


Aug 1997 - Feb 1998 Mayday University Hospital. Adult Spine clinics under the supervision of Mr G. Marsh.
Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester. Adult Spine clinics under supervision of Mr G. Hall. Sep 2000 - Feb 2001
Royal Hampshire County Hospital under supervision of Mr J. Fowler: Six month Adult Spine firm treating degenerative, traumatic and oncological conditions of the cervical and lumbar spine. Pre-operative assessment session with time allocated for presentation and discussion. Exposure to anterior lumbar and cervical surgery for degenerative conditions and a variety of instrumentation techniques. 
Mar 2003 - Aug 2003 Royal Bournemouth Hospital under supervision of Mr J. Dinley: Weekly Adult Spine list performing microdiscectomy and decompression of the lumbar spine. 
Sep 2003 - Feb 2004 Southampton General Hospital under supervision of Mr N. Boeree: Tertiary referral centre for spinal surgery with exposure to a wide range of pathology, trauma and paediatric deformity. 
April 2004 – March 2005 Spinal Fellowship, Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham: A one-year fellowship in spinal surgery affording a wide range of experience in the surgical treatment of all spinal conditions and, in particular, paediatric and adult deformity. Emphasis was placed on the multi-disciplinary approach to spinal pathology including metastatic tumours, inflammatory arthropathies and back pain. The Fellowship also included training in fluoroscopic guided injection therapies. As the Senior Fellow, I was responsible for the day-to-day running of the Spinal Unit, working with the managerial staff to maximize efficient use of medical staff and theatre time. The Spinal Unit has an excellent research record and I had the opportunity to undertake and complete two long-running trials along with several other projects during my Fellowship, presented at both domestic and international meetings. 
May 2005- Dec 2015 Full-time Orthopaedic Consultant practising elective spinal surgery at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. I managed all aspects of the spine, other than deformity surgery requiring spinal monitoring, and tumour and trauma management. I continue to maintain an interest in deformity surgery.

December 2015 - Present
Full-time private practice
I continue to provide a full spinal service treating cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral conditions. I have a particular interest in anterior and lateral surgery including total disc arthroplasty, XLIF and minimally invasive surgery. I have considerable experience in robotic spinal surgery.   I am currently a Proctor for lateral surgery for Nuvasive and for ATP lateral surgery for Depuy. I have an active medicolegal expert practice.


The Wessex rotation provided me with extensive experience in modern trauma management. . I participated fully in the trauma rota at Royal Berkshire Hospital for 7 years and provided cover for spinal emergencies thereafter.


• The Effect of Moderate Variations in Angulation and Translation of the X-ray Beam in Measurement of Sagittal Alignment with Reference to an External Plumbline in a Three-dimensional Model of the Lumbar Spine. South-East Spine Club Meeting, Nov 2002.

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• A Prospective Randomised Trial: Femoral Ring Allograft Versus A Titanium Cage In Circumferential Lumbar Spinal Fusion. PJ McKenna, BJC Freeman, RC Mulholland, MP Grevitt, JK Webb, SH Mehdian. The Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK. British Association of Spinal Surgeons, Aberdeen. Feb 2005.

• A Prospective Randomised Trial: Femoral Ring Allograft Versus A Titanium Cage In Circumferential Lumbar Spinal Fusion. BJC Freeman, PJ McKenna, RC Mulholland, MP Grevitt, JK Webb, SH Mehdian. International Society for Study of the Lumbar Spine (ISSLS), New York. May 2005.

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• The use of Cervical Nerve Root Blocks in the management of Cervical Radiculopathy. - a minimally invasive succes? HS Dabasia, T Rajagopal, PJ McKenna, RW Marshall. Summary Slide Presentation at the 2011 BASS Meeting Edinburgh. 2011


• A Constant Posterior Motor Branch of the Radial Nerve. British Orthopaedic Association Annual Conference, Autumn 1997.

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• A comparison of cost and outcome at one year between IDET and fusion of a single level in the lumbar spine. McKenna PJ, Hegarty J, Freeman BJ, Grevitt MP. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery - British Volume, Orthopaedic Proceedings. Vol 87-B, Issue SUPP II, 212

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Minimally invasive Surgery in adult degenerative scoliosis: a systematic review and meta/analysis of decompression, anterior/lateral and posterior lumbar approaches. Phan k, Huo YR,Hogan JA, Dunn A, Cho SK, Mobbs RJ, McKenna, Rajagopal T, Altaf F


Spine Society of Europe Clinical Award 2005. International prize for clinical research.


Advanced Life Support. London 1995
Advanced Trauma and Life Support. Ashford, Kent 2001
Radiation Protection Course. RNH Haslar. 2002
Primary FRCS Slome Course. London 1994
Northwick Park Radiology Course. London 1995
St Thomas’ FRCS Part 2 Course. London 1997
Wessex Basic Science Course. Southampton 2001
AO Principles of Fracture Management. Dublin 2002
Exeter Hip Symposium. Exeter 2002
10th Course in Spinal Surgery, Imperial College, London. Oct 2002
Wessex Shoulder Course. Basingstoke 2002
RCS Approaches to the Thoracolumbar Spine. London 2003
AO Injured Spine Course. Cardiff 2003
Bristol Basic Science Course. Bristol 2003
Oxford Clinical course for FRCS T+O. Oxford 2004
Britspine. Nottingham 2004
Report Writing and Expert Evidence, Medical and Legal Training Services. March 2004 Prodisc -L. traubing, Germany 2004
AO Masterclass. Nottingham 2004
AO Users Group Meeting, Nottingham 2004
BASS. Aberdeen 2005
IDET Course. Nottingham 2005
AO Spine Forum. Leeds. April 2005
Clinical Management Course for Specialist Registrars in Surgical Specialties. Keele. April 2005
EFORT. Lisbon 2005Prodisc-C. Straubing 2004
Stryker Paediadric Deformity Course. Amsterdam 2006Eurospine. Brussels 2007
Techtonix. Caen 2007
Cervicore Disc Replacement launch and cadaveric workshop. Dusseldorf 2009
British Spinal Study Group 2010
Eurospine. Vienna 2011
British Spinal Study Group 2011
Lateral Interbody Fusion: Peer visit, Georgetown University Hospital, Washington. 2012 XLIF Nuvasive, New York 2012
Faculty, Passionate about Spine 2012
2nd UK MISS User Group, London 2013
Society of Lateral Access Surgeons, San Diego 2013
Eurospine, Liverpool 2013
British Spinal Study Group, Courchevel 2014
Anterior and Lateral User Meeting, Berlin 2014
Faculty, Passionate about Spine, 2014
SOLAS Proctor Orientation, Instituto Orthopedico Galeazzi, MIlan 2014
European SOLAS meeting, Lake Garda 2014
Eurospine Berlin 2016
North American Spine Society 2016
Eurospine Dublin 2017
Deputy Synthes Global Lateral Market Insights Meeting, Cambridge, MA 2017
Guest Lecturer South East Spine Club 2018
Faculty and guest lecturer. South African Spine Society. Durban 2018
North American Spine Society. Chicago. 2019
Faculty and guest lecturer. Egyptian Spine Society annual Meeting. Cairo 2019
Unleash ATP Faculty, Depuy Synthes. Hamburg. April 2023
Depuy Synthes Bangkok Lateral Summit. Feb 2023  





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